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On this page I am going to try and tell you a little about myself, just incase for a fleeting moment that you are interested.

I was born in Sheffield, England on 23rd February 1970, which makes me 30 at the moment. I was 3 months premature and was only 3lbs 9oz, so I have made up for it. I am a Pisces that does not like fish. Also I cannot cook to save my life, I get ingredients wrong, burn many types of food, so it is safer to eat out all the time.

I grew up in and around Sheffield most of my life, however I started to travel when I was 11, a trip to Greece.

During school I was musical and learned to play the Recorder and Guitar, both instruments were good to annoy the neighbors (well it's your job as a kid .... isn't it). Also I played Soccer, Rugby and Cricket.

I am 5'8", brown hair, green eyes, 200lbs. I graduated from University in 1991 where I obtained a B.Sc. Honors Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. While at University I was working for an Electronics company in the research department and this job took me around Europe.

When I left university I had several jobs to start with finding out what I wanted to do with my life etc. It then became apparent that I liked to write computer software, more than create electronic gadgets (ironic really). I then set about learning different programming languages such as Basic, C, Pascal, Focus 4GL, Lisp, APL, Delphi, Oracle etc.

I worked in the banking sector for several years before moving into my current job in the US. The company is different from most, they let us work when we want, mostly do what we want, wear what we want and expect us to enjoy ourselves at work, they even supply beer and a games room. What more can you ask for.

In the evening I like to catch up with friends around the world via the internet. I don't know what I would do if there was no email (horror). Then I like to go out with friends to a bar, catch a movie, play pool, shop or just have a night in, light some candles and relax reading a book.

What do I miss about England, real ale, Cadbury chocolate, walking to the local pub, friends & family, the bad weather, my pets. My parents are alive and well, I speak to them on a regular basis. My little brother (Richard 17) is learning to drive now, so watch out on the roads.

Well the company that brought me to the states was bought out by another company, so now I am working for the third company in three and a half years that I have been doing basically the same job.

In June of last year one of my oldest friends from England, Martin came over for a visit. Not really to see me but to see KISS on their final tour. I went with him, but it was not my type of music, check out the pictures.

Thanksgiving was good, I got to spend time with some special friends that I have not seen for a while. I hope it won't be two years next time.

One of my best friends Jim has just moved away from East Norriton, PA to Hacketstown, NJ. However we still get together to have some fun on a regular basis.

In November I got to go back home to surprise my mom for her birthday which was good. It was nice to be home and see friends and family.

So its the start of another year, the real Millenium behind us. I hate the snow, did I mention that, I also hate the cold. Maybe hate is too strong of a word.

So another year and I am now 31, oh well you have to be at least once in your life. So almost a quarter of the year is gone, taxes time again. What's next ? I need to plan a vacation....

June was wedding month and the 24th was the day my car died from a broken cam belt which means I have to buy a new car. I was planning on getting an SUV so that I would not get stuck in the snow, so I ended up test driving lots. In the end I got a Ford Explorer Sport in Estate Green. Now this is a big change so I am still getting used to the idea.

In August I went on my trip to Florida to see Mickey and check out universal studios.  September my Parents came over and I became a tour guide going everywhere. The new car came in handy and the miles racked up and so did my credit card. It was good to see them as I miss seeing them.